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Old 08-25-2012, 03:43 AM
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Default Loki Update

We got Loki a new soft carrier and a better harness. The carrier is pretty nice and looks something like my black backpack. When we presented it to him in crawled in enthusiastically, so I think this will be a winner. It was pricey at $30, but it comes with a little bed in it and a shoulder strap. It is very lightweight and a lot more convenient than the hard plastic pet carrier that we use for the cats. It is like a little weasel screen house.

Loki came with lots of free stuff that the owners bought for him. We also got his paperwork and that is interesting.

Loki was born at Marshall Farm in Wolcott, NY, on August 21, 2011. According to his health exam he was neutered, descented and vaccinated once for distemper by one Dr. Jessica Keen, a veterinarian with an office in North Rose, NY. He was then sold to a place called "Sun Pet" in Atlanta. I guess they must be the big, regional weasel distributor here in the southeast.

Loki was in turn sold to, and I am NOT making this up, "Mrs. Tony Jr.'s Pet Shop" in Denham Springs, LA.

Two days into 2012, Loki was sold to our friends Chris and Melissa who ultimately found out they were not ready to care for a ferret. I offered many tips on care because I was not really looking for a weasel and was hoping they would catch on but, sadly, Loki's owners proved to be untrainable. That is when we got him, shortly after arriving back home from Massachusetts.

The worst accessory he came with was his harness. It is sold in Pet Smart as a harness for ferrets and is called a "Comfort Harness," but we don't know whose comfort it is for. It is big and bulky, looks like a life vest and he has trouble walking in it. Wearing it, he looks like Ralphie struggling with his snowsuit in the movie, A Christmas Story.

I wanted a simple rope harness but apparently they don't sell them at Pet Smart anymore. Those are the best for ferrets and I have even used them on cats. The Nice Lady advised us to look on Pet I didn't bother to tell her I was going to check out eBay and Amazon. Pet Smart is starting to piss me off. It started when the discontinued selling Johnny Cat cat litter in favor of their own no-name stuff, but that is a story for another day.
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Old 12-19-2012, 12:59 PM
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About 3 weeks ago, we got another weasel to be a playmate for Loki. His official name is Thor, but I call him Cocoa Paws because the color of his paws reminds me of hot cocoa.

We will post pictures soon!
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